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Manual Wheelchairs near Bristol, Tennessee

Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchairs

Invacare MyOn Ultralightweight

The Invacare® MyOn™ Series Wheelchairs are the newest ultralightweight folding wheelchairs in the Invacare product family. It matches modern styling and versatility with overall exceptional value.

Sunrise Quickie QXi

The Quickie® QXi™ is a durable, low-maintenance frame that is perfect for the person looking for simplicity, longevity, and Quickie's most popular options at the right price.

Invacare ProSPIN X4

The Invacare® ProSPIN™ X4™ Wheelchair takes the look, feel and performance of a folding wheelchair into the new century. From any angle, the ProSPIN X4 Wheelchair appeals to the visual sense like no other wheelchair.

KiMobility Little Wave Clik

Designed for Our Next Generation. Welcome to the Most Intuitive Wheelchair You Have Seen.

KiMobility Spark

Spark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system.

KiMobility Rogue

The Rogue experience introduces you to state-of-the-art design innovation that lends itself to the highest level of responsiveness and rigidity than has ever been felt before.

Sunrise Quickie 2 Family

Versatile, modular, and available in an endless number of configurations, the Quickie® 2 has been the industry's favorite ultra lightweight manual wheelchair for over 25 years.

Positioning / Tilt-in Space Manual Wheelchairs

Invacare Solara 3G

The Invacare® Solara® 3G Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair offers more adjustability and is easier to tilt as compared to the previous generation Solara wheelchair. With a 300 lb. standard weight capacity, tilt assist adjustment and a seat pan that grows, the Solara 3G wheelchair offers everything you loved about the Solara 2G wheelchair plus much more.

— 50º of effortless tilt

— Zero center-of-gravity shift

— Small Footprint

— Fast set up

— Adjustable width / Depth

— Adjustable axle and seat height

— Sleek durable frame with attractive finish

— Transit-ready option

— 20 degrees of tilt with no knee rise

— Tilt for positioning and improved posture

— Foot and hand propel in tilted position

— Maneuverable short wheelbase

— Adjustable axle and seat height

— Sleek durable frame with attractive finish

— Transit-ready option

Invacare Compass SPT

The Invacare® Compass™ Series adult manual wheelchairs provide the optimal solution for complex positioning and seating situations. The Invacare® Compass™ SPT Wheelchair combines a traditional tilt-in-space design with self-propelling functionality, all in one wheelchair.

Sunrise Quickie® IRIS™

The Quickie® IRIS™ is the ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair.  With 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, and numerous adjustments, it's hard to believe that the IRIS is also the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchair available today.

Quickie® SR45™

The Quickie® SR45™ features 45° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology and a simplified mix of options to provide proper positioning and comfort at an outstanding value.

Fuze T50


Fuze T20

Ultra Lightweight Rigid

Quickie GT

The Quickie® GT™ takes ultra lightweight wheelchair capabilities from city to trail with loads of off-road and lifestyle options.  Whether it's Monday morning or 5 o'clock on Friday, the GT will find adventure wherever it goes.

Quickie® QRi

The Quickie® QRi™ is an ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair with a strong open frame design perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.  Designed for form and function, the QRi is a hybrid of durability and low-maintenance style at an unbelievable value.

TiLite Rigid TR

The sweeping curves of the titanium dual-tube frame are the perfect fusion of striking design and driven performance. Lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any chair anywhere. As our flagship rigid chair, the TR is simply the best of the best.

Lightweight Rental

Invacare Insignia

The Invacare Insignia Wheelchair is soon to become the high-strength lightweight chair of choice for providers and patients alike. The simplicity of the arm design allows them to be converted from desk to full length with ease.

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Ultralight-weight - KiMobility Catalyst 5

Ki Mobility’s flagship product, the Catalyst 5 has since redefined the ultra-lightweight folding market by raising the bar in weight, performance, durability and functionality.

KiMobility Focus CR

The Focus CR is our patent pending execution of the Science of Complex Rotation.  Complex Rotation is a system that utilizes two control paths with two different centers of rotation to minimize the problems that result from the inevitable misalignment between the center of gravity of the system and a single rotation point.


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